Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why, Hello there! It's been a while since I posted on this blog of mine... About 3 years no less! Why? Because, well, I am alone among my local peers in my pursuits of tabletop gaming. Yes, I did have gaming friends and I still meet them regularly, but tabletop games don't interest them any more, nor do I have a suitable space to host a game should some of them want to. It's sad really.
But, recently the bug got me again. I don't know why and I don't know how long it will last, but I do know I will share a couple of my old Warhammer Fantasy Battles scenario's with any who stumbles upon this page. Mainly because of what I read here ... and as you can see I couldn't resist to reply ;)

As I tell in my little rant there, I was very intrigued by scenario-based gaming back in the day and stuck among a crowd of tournament-minded players. Occasionaly a multi-player campaign was played at my house or at the LGS, but two-player campaigns were rare. I only did those sometimes with my brother over a long weekend. Often just the basic outline from the 5th edition Battle Book (page 144). Which was like this:  
Battle 1: Scouting We usually played this as a meeting engagement, 1000 points per side  

Battle 2: raid The winner of Battle 1 attacks a village defended by the loser of battle 1. 1000 points game

Battle 3: Ambush The loser of Battle 2 ambushes the winner as he takes off with the loot (or something like that). Ambusher had 1000 points, ambushed 1500 as per the Battles book Ambush scenario.  

Final engagement The big final clash of the two armies where everything is at stake. 2000 points armies +250 points for each battle won previously for each player

This was also the template for many of the 5th edition campaign packs (Idol of Gork, Grudge of Drong, Circle of Blood) and has in fact been the shape of GW-published campaigns for -like- ever... However, I played Empire and my bro High Elves and I rarely won a game against him, making this campaign set-up very much a foregone conclusion (he'd have 2750 points for his army, I a measly 2000!), so I'd often come up with different Victory bonuses or write my own campaigns or retool existing ones for the forces we had available.
For the Battle Book basics I quickly came up with:
1. The winner of Battle 1 can place the terrain and pick his deployment zone in game 4
2. The loser of Battle 2 gets 250 points extra for his army
3. The loser of battle 2 may only have one war machine

I believe this campaign outline will still work in 8th edition, if you and your opponent are willing... and I'd advise not to use named characters, but the generic ones and Give them names of your own. Create a little story there.

 In the near future (within a few months I think) I will offer you the glory of three homebrew campaigns I made. One is a more detailed version of the "Schuster's Last Stand" idea from White Dwarf 195 (my first White Dwarf), which I may or may not post in 2 variants: Variant 1 would be as I played it with my bro, Empire vs High Elves. Variant 2 would be more akin to the original idea, Empire vs Orcs and Goblins.

Another Campaign we had fun with was the Kalamata Conflict, which was originally an Epic Campaign from the Citadel Journal featuring Eldar and Imperials. I figured this could easily be ported to Warhammer Fantasy by exchanging the two combatants to their Fantasy counterparts.

The final one will be the sadly ever un-played Battle of Wasserloch, the WHFB equivalent of the Waterloo campaign featuring Bretonnia as the French (doh!), High Elves as the British and the Empire as the Prussians... Sadly our Bretonnian playing friend was so much of a casual gamer that anything beyond 200 points "Line 'em up and go" instantly put him off.

Do note that practically lost every game of WFB I ever played, even if I designed the scenario! Goes to show that I did not write scenario's just so I could have a good chance of winning 'ey? ... still, I recall that the Bretonnian player was rather suspicious every time he heard I wrote a scenario and always refused out of hand...

I have always been more into the Gaming and background aspect of the game than into painting and modelling. Hence, no pictures of my collection as in many other warhammer blogs. Maybe there will be a time when pictures show up, but that will only happen if I can get a good game going...

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